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Page 24 1 REMEMBERING OUR ROOTS 100 ESOP Employee Owned Company The early days of Petersen Inc. Founders Steve and Denis Petersen. First welder donated to the Petersens in 1961. What started out in a garage in 1961 is today over 1.3 million square feet of world class manufacturing specialized fabrication precision machining warehouse and distribution facilities in Ogden Utah and Pocatello Idaho. Today we employ over 440 employees and have strong roots in the communities we operate in. Petersen Inc. has a long reputation of giving back to the local community. We like to call it the Petersen Way of doing business- take care of our employees and their families take care of our customers and give back to the community that supports us. Our employees also take great pride in giving back to the communities where we live and work. We know a company is only as good as the people who work for it and our employees are as good as it gets Petersen Inc. is making a difference in the lives of our employees our communities and our customers. We take great pride in delivering quality on-time products to our customers and the industries we serve worldwide. Our customers are our number one priority. The early days of Petersen Inc. Founders Steve and Denis Petersen. 2 Column- Chevron Skid Mounted Pipe Spools INTRODUCTION WELCOME TO THE LAND OF THE GIANTS Founded in 1961 and incorporated in Utah in 1980 Petersen Inc. is one of the foremost manufacturing facilities in the United States serving customers throughout the world. With modern capabilities and open capacity we effectively serve industry giants like Bechtel Boeing CBIAreva Chevron Disney Energy Solutions Flying-J Fluor GE Hitachi JBT Lockheed Martin NAC International Nuclear Waste Partnership LLC Orbital ATK Rio Tinto Setpoint Timet Universal Studios Westinghouse and others. Our facilities located in Ogden Utah and Pocatello Idaho encompass over 1.3 million square feet of the latest fabrication and machining equipment available. We also provide 3PL warehousing and distribution to customers worldwide. Situated at the base of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains our corporate facility is conveniently located in Ogden Utah just 40 miles north of the Salt Lake International Airport and has convenient inter- state and rail access to minimize transportation costs. Our facility in Pocatello Idaho is right next door to the Pocatello Airport. Manufacturing Precision Machining Field Services Design Engineering Warehousing Distribution Reactor and Cycle X- Flying J 3 HLW Melter Bechtel National Rod Storage Rack Shaw Areva MOX Services NUCLEAR FABRICATION Petersen Inc. is an industry leader in custom fabrication precision machining large small manufacturing field services design engineering and warehousingdistribution. We offer the highest quality on-time products available. The Pellet Storage Units were comprised of many components that are assembled into structural mechanical and electrical subassemblies. Each unit includes gloveboxes used for the confinement of nuclear materials mechanical equipment for movement of nuclearmaterialsandelectricalequipmentincludingactuatorssensorsandcontrollers used for monitoring and control of the Pellet Storage Unit equipment and operations. The HLW and LAW Melters are designed to handle upwards of 53 million gallons of radioactive waste. Pretreated liquid waste from underground storage tanks is combined with glass forming materials in the Melter and heated to 2100F. The molten liquid glass is poured out of the Melter into specially designed containers allowing the glass to cool or solidify prior to being shipped and stored in a much safer condition. The Melters cannot be turned on and off once the process is started so the reliability of the Melters is crucial to the success of the waste cleanup. HLW - 30 major components with hundreds of sub-assemblies Dimensions 14W x 14L x 15H. The base walls and lid weigh 26-ton. LAW - 60 major components with hundreds of sub-assemblies. Dimensions 21W x 30L x 19H. The base walls and lids weigh 150-ton. 4 NUCLEAR MANUFACTURING Shield Plug RLC TDOP SWB Glovebox- Bechtel National Petersen Inc. is a major manufacturer of containers for many industries including nuclear aerospace commercial and petrochemical. We are proud to be a part of the clean-up of waste generator sites around the country helping to make it a cleaner and safer environment for future generations. We fabricate RLCs SWBs and TDOPs for the Department of Energy. They are stored at the WIPP site 2150 feet below the surface in the Permian Salt Formations. PETERSEN INC. MANUFACTURED CONTAINERSCASKS YOUR NQA-1 SOURCE FOR NUCLEAR FABRICATION AND MACHINING. Ten-Drum Over-Pack TDOP Standard Waste Box SWB Standard Large Box SLB IP-2 Type 1 Cargo Container 20 and 23 Casks Removable Lid Canister RLC Lead-lined Casks DOT Strong Tight Package Shield Plugs Open Top Steel Dry Container Gloveboxes Hot Cells Processing Equipment Spent Fuel Casks Petersen Inc. provides high quality nuclear glovebox equipment for the nuclear industry and supporting facilities providing a safe and controlled processing and handling system for nuclear products. 5 SPENT FUEL Internal Basket- NAC International Efficacy Pad- West Valley Demonstration Project Petersen Inc. is an industry leader in the manufacturing of spent fuel containers and casks including lead-lined casks. Spent fuel refers to nuclear fuel elements that have been used at commercial nuclear reactors but are no longer capable of economically sustaining a nuclear reaction. This spent nuclear fuel then needs to be replaced properly stored and properly disposed of. Companies have relied on us to produce high quality containment productsforsafereliablestorageofspentfuel.Ourin-houseprovenqualitysystemsensure that your products are being manufactured to the highest standards in the industry. Petersen Inc. offers state-of-the-art facilities specializing in the manufacturing of process equipment transportation equipment special handling and monitoring equipment as well as spent fuel containment containers and casks of all sizes. We also offer experience in providing custom manufactured equipment for decommissioning projects. Our safe customer friendly environment allows the Petersen Inc. team ability to interface and work alongside our customers team on a daily basis. We welcome on-site support. Notable projects on our resume include Energy Solutions- First 3-60B Transportation Cask MIDUS TM Type B Packages GE Hitachi- Fuel Pool Monitoring Systems Handling Equip. Steam Dryers Nuclear Reactor Services Parts NAC International- Magnastor Casks Handling Equipment Nuclear Waste Partnership- SWBs TDOPs RLCs 6 NUCLEAR REACTOR SERVICES With years of experience in commercial nuclear reactor services Petersen Inc. is equipped to safely handle radioactive treatment needs. We continue to provide ongoing safe solutions to high-profile projects with the Department of Energy utilities and nuclear related customers. Our planning and expertise ensures timely service successful project implementation and executionforourclients.PetersenInc.squalitystandardshavebeenevaluatedandapproved by the following customers and companies Battelle Energy Alliance Bechtel Marine Propulsion Bechtel National Boeing CBI Areva MOX LLC GE Hitachi Energy Solutions Howden Idaho National Laboratory INL Los Alamos National Laboratory NAC International NADCAP- welding NRC- 10CFR 50 Appendix B 10CFR 71 Part H Nuclear Waste Partnership LLC Oak Ridge National Laboratory Westinghouse Electric Co. Westinghouse Savannah River Co. Zion Solutions Energy Solutions Dryer- GE Hitachi 3-60B- Energy Solutions 7 Fabricated Mining Equipment 5 Axis Waterjet MANUFACTURING Petersen Inc. is an industry leader in custom steel fabrication and precision machining. With commitment to total customer satisfaction and sound financial strength we have recruited the top employees in the industry. Housed in modern manufacturing and machining facilities we provide state-of-the-art equipment with heavy lifting 75-ton overhead crane capacity and 35 under the hook which allows handling of virtually any project. We also offer heavy rolling and forming capabilities as well as 5 axis waterjet capabilities. FABRICATION Our fabrication and machining personnel are experienced in safely working with a variety of metals including stainless aluminum nickel inconel titanium zirconium and carbon steel. We are a full-service company that focuses on fabrication ASME code work piping vessels containers casks and AISC certified structural work. We provide project management in a variety of fields including aerospace industrial mining nuclear and petrochemical. When your applications call for custom fabricated equipment tooling or ground support equipment Petersen Inc. can provide turn-key solutions. MANUFACTURINGFABRICATION Fabricated Refinery Vessel Fabricated 200 column 8 Idaho MANUFACTURINGFABRICATION Petersen Inc. is a full-service fabrication and integration company providing design engineeringfabricationprecisionmachiningfieldservicesand3PLwarehousingdistribution services. We have extensive experience in the fabrication and assembly of modules including design contractibility procurement project management scheduling and transporting products to their end destination. We set ourself apart from the competition by providing our customers with true quality workmanship and superior customer service holding ASME U U2 S and NBIC R stamps certifying the fabrication or repair of ASME pressure vessels at the facility or in the field. Products include pressure vessels ranging from 4 inches thick to 24 feet OD separators skimmers skids and scrubbers. Time is money. That is why we dedicate our resources to on-time delivery and maintain the highest quality products in the industries we serve. Judge us by the company we keep Castor Rocket Motor- Orbital ATKMining Boom- Joy Global Trommel- Goodfellow 9 CNC Horizontal- Polyjet Valve CNC Turning- 8 Diameter LARGE PRECISION MACHINING LARGE PRECISION MACHINING At Petersen Inc. we offer a wide range of CNC milling and turning capabilities including 5 axis machining. Our experienced engineers programmers and machinists are some of the finest skilled craftsmen in the industry. Our milling capabilities range from small detail machining to large 12 x 66 horizontal machining and our turning capabilities range from small parts you can hold in your hand to 15 diameter to 10 under the rail. Our winning combination of modern equipment technology and lean manufacturing techniques allows our team to successfully produce close tolerance components. We continually invest in modern state-of-the-art equipment as well as facility upgrades to allow us to produce high quality precision machined components. We recognize the importance of maintaining the highest quality standards found in the industry as well as being priced competitively. 40 Ton Break Up Point- Western Zirconium 15 Diameter VTL INDUSTRIES SERVED Aerospace Food Service Mining Amusement Parks Hydro Nuclear Commercial Aviation Industrial Petrochemical Defense Medical Transportation 10 Gantry Mill 66 x 22 Gray Horizontal 12 x 66 CNC Quality parts are the expectation of all customers. Petersen Inc.s quality system includes an in- house commercial grade dedication lab and certified inspectors. Not only do we machine large components we also have inspection capabilities to perform dimensional inspection. We use calibrated laser tracking systems and FaroArms to perform these inspections. This ensures our customers that we will meet and exceed their expectations. Petersen Inc. is currently ISO 9001- 2008 certified AS9100 certified and NQA-1 compliant. Our large precision machining capabilities are some of the largest available in the Western United States. Our experienced team includes highly skilled craftsmen toolmakers and machine operators who are capable of meeting your requirements. LARGE PRECISION MACHINING Multi axis CNC machining Gantry Mills CNC Horizontal Milling- 12 x 66 Large Lathes CNC Turning- 15 diameter 10 under rail Horizontal Boring Drilling Surface Finishing Mining Boom- Joy Global 11 Small Precision Machining Facility SMALL PRECISION MACHINING ADDITIONAL SERVICES Petersen Inc.s climate controlled facilities provide a one-stop-shop where capabilities extend far beyond machining. One of the benefits of using Petersen Inc. is our large stock of common materials allowing quick response to orders. Our modern CNC machines allow us to produce precision products ranging from multi-axis up to and including 5 axis. Let us be your source for your small precision machining needs. 5-Axis Machining Grinding CNC Milling CNC Turning including Hollow Spindle Lathes Live Tooling EDM Wire Sinker- both 12 cubed 5 Axis Waterjet Dedicated QA Inspection Area Black Oxide CMM Inspection Part Marking FaroArms Engineering Services Hardness Testing CNC Programming Height Gage Heat Treating Calibrated Inspection Equipment Coatings Plastic Machined Parts Canister- INL Ram Body- FHE Vacuum Lock Valve 12 Small Precision Machined Products Sub-Assemblies While Petersen Inc. is intimately familiar with common tool steels and aluminum it is no stranger to exotic materials SMALL PRECISION MACHINING Aluminum Alloys 2014 2024 5052 6061 6063 7050 7075 Alloy Steel 4130 414042 4330M 4340 8620 52100 EN30B A514 Tool Steels A2 D2 O1 S7 and most any other tool steels 1018 1045 12L14 11L17 steels Stainless Steels 303 304 316 416 440 17-4 15-5 Nitronic Copper Brass and Aluminum Bronze of any specifications Inconel Hastalloy Waspalloy Phenolic Nylatron Acetal UHMW Ultem Teflon Tefzel and almost any plastic Titanium Magnesium 12 13 SoliosAshgrove Cement Plant Modification Pacific States Cast Iron Pipe Plant Modification FIELD SERVICES THE ONLY MAINTENANCE TOOL YOU NEED When you partner with Petersen Inc. you get an experienced and licensed maintenance and construction team. Turn-Key Solutions FabricationInstallation Facility Modifications Comprehensive Plant Maintenance Project Management Experienced Millwrights Want to lower your overhead expenses Let our field service specialists come to your facility to perform a complete onsite analysis. Our team is among the top in the industry and backed by a 440 employee modern manufacturing and machining facilities in Utah and Idaho. INDUSTRIAL SHUTDOWNS TIME IS MONEY Ourgoalistohelpyouincreaseyourbottomline.Wewanttobeyourpartnerinproviding a safe timely and affordable solution for your equipment or facility modifications whether large or small. Our high quality standards allow us to satisfy our customers quality requirements. Time is money and the cost of downtime can quickly hinder your production and reputation. We focus on providing safe implementation with a quick turnaround time and total customer support throughout all phases of the project. Stack - Ashgrove Cement Kiln Section - OCI Minerals 14 FIELD SERVICES ON-SITE INSTALLATIONS - WHEN ONLY THE BEST WILL DO With experienced millwrights and support personnel Petersen Inc. can handle the simplest modifications to the largest plant expansions. We specialize in providing customers with turn- key solutions fabrication and installations rebuilds and plant maintenance. We are also able to be a specialty contractor providing solutions through on-time quality products for one or multiple phases of a project. SAFETY - THE KEY TO OUR SUCCESS Ourreputationisdirectlyrelatedtothequalityofourproducts.Behindthatqualityworkmanship is a safe employee network committed to providing the highest quality products. At Petersen Inc.everyemployeeisanintegralpartofoursafetyandHumanPerformanceHUPprogram. Petersen Inc. is COMMITTED TO SAFETY and continues to maintain a safety record below the national average. In our production facilities or on your site we strive for continued safety excellence. Our customers are industry leaders who dont settle for second best including Reactor and Cycle X - Flying J Installation of Support System - Cycle X - Flying J 15 DESIGN ENGINEERING MULTI-DISCIPLINED ENGINEERING Our Engineering Department is staffed with experts having over 150 years of combined excellence and experience in their respective fields. Using SolidWorks CATIA and AutoCad 3D modeling software our staff provides design engineering stress analysis mechanical event simulation valve engineering project management and construction services to customers in a wide variety of industries. Specialized engineering functions include ASME Section VIII Division 1 and 2 vessels and piping NQA-1 certified design build for nuclear applications and mechanical event simulation for container drop test certification using digital methods. Traditional finite element analysis is also accomplished to display stress levels and optimize structural configurations of your products. Electrical controls and instrumentation integration are also accomplished within this staff organization. These capabilities range from simple power-on testing of completed assemblies to complete electrical engineering efforts to develop control systems component selection PLC programming wire harness build UL certified panels and performance testing. 3D MODELING Our extensive 3D modeling capabilities can create tailored solutions to your design dilemmas. Complex assemblies are easily developed using these 3D tools to verify compliance with customer requirements verify operating clearances and confirm that no interference conditions exist. The same parametric 3D models can be very quickly converted to fabrication drawings prior to releasing them to the shop for manufacture. Orbital ATK Solid Rocket Booster M111 Work Platform designed built and installed by Petersen Inc. Vessel Render Amusement Lift Render Transport Simulation Analysis 16 Small Precision Machined Products Sub-Assemblies Petersen Inc. extensive 3-D modeling capabilities can create tailored solutions to your design dilemmas. Form Fit and Function Analysis Stress Analysis SolidWorks Premium Model Based Definition Mechanical Event Simulation SolidWorks Simulation Premium Finite Element Analysis Simulation Value Engineering Autodesk Simulation Large Scale 3D Scanning Capabilities Certified Mechanical Engineering Autodesk Product Design Suite Design Engineering Automation Compress by Codeware 16 3 D MODELING 17 WAREHOUSINGDISTRIBUTION WE KNOW THIRD PARTY LOGISTICS Petersen Inc. offers 3rd Party Logistic 3PL services from the warehouse distribution facilities in Ogden Utah. We provide warehousing fulfillment kitting distribution packaging inventory management shipping and operational support including surplus and excess property. For over 15 years we have successfully managed all of Boeings out-of-production commercial aviation tooling. In addition to the tooling we manage over 3000 service bulletin toolkits and provide all of the engineering manufacturing and quality services required to ensure that the kits are current. We offer these services to a wide variety of industries. Advantages 900000 sq. ft. facilities offer many options from office space to storage Each building averages 300000 flexible sq. ft. Bay sizes are 200 ft. x 200 ft. with firewalls and fire suppressant systems Strategic location for the Western United States High Security Storage Fenced property Secure buildings On-site security Video Surveillance Alarm system Climate Low earthquake frequency Low humidity Moderate temperatures Access One mile east of Interstate 15 Rail access Service Bulletin ToolkitNarrow Opening Rack Storage Standardized Rack Storage 18 INDUSTRY LEADING TIER 1 WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Red Prairie Dispatcher- CS Oracle Backend Process Photo Image Management Capabilities LXE Barcode Scanners Online Inventory Request System 3rd Party Logistics 3PL ISO 9001 Certified ITAR Compliant Inventory Accuracy of 99.98 On-time Delivery of 99.99 Supply Chain ManagementKitting Petersen Inc. allows authorized users the ability to search inventory order tools and obtain shipping information online and in real time. 18 WAREHOUSINGDISTRIBUTION Service Bulletin Toolkit Storage In Process Service Bulletin Toolkit Inspection Boeing Performance Excellence Awards Boeing Supplier of the Year Boeing Gold Supplier Boeing Supplier Inspection Delegation 19 QUALITY CERTIFICATIONS NBIC - R stamp ASME VIII Div. 1 U Stamp ASME VIII Div. 2 U2 Stamp ASME Section 1 S Stamp ASME NQA-1 - Nuclear Facilities ASME B31.1- Power Piping ASME B31.3- Process Piping ASME B31.4 - Pipeline Transport Systems ASME B31.8 - Gas Piping Systems NRC - Subpart H of 10 CFR Part 71 Packaging Trans. of Radioactive Materials NRC - 10-CFR-50- Appendix B Nuclear Power Plants Fuel Reprocessing Plants ANSI N 14.5- Radioactive Materials Leakage Test API 650- Welded Tanks for Oil Storage API 1104 - Welding of Pipelines Related Facilities AWS D1.1 D1.2 D1.3 D1.6 D17.1 ISO 9001-2008 AS9100 Rev. C NADCAP- Welding AISC- Structural Steel Fabrication CWB OUR INSPECTION TESTING Radiography Hardness Magnetic Particle Leak Liquid Penetrant Hydrostatic Ultra Sonic Faro Arm Inspection CMM InspectionLaser Tracker Inspection 20 STATE AND NATIONAL AWARDS QUALITY Boeing Supplier of the Year SBA - Region VIII Subcontractor of the Year Boeing Nominated SBA - Region VIII Subcontractor of the Year Thiokol Nominated Best of State - Utah Manufacturing Fabrication Ernst Young Entrepreneur of the Year- Utah INC. 5005000 list of fastest growing companies Utah MEP Manufacturer of the Year Utah Best of Business Safety Award - Workmans Compensation of Utah COMMERCIAL GRADE DEDICATION LABORATORY Complete metal testing to ASTM ASME and AWS specifications including Commercial Grade Dedication of material for nuclear applications Spectrographic chemical analysis of low alloy steels stainless steels nickel base alloys aluminum Includes nitrogen and oxygen determination 60000 lbf tensioncompression testing Rockwell hardness 300 ft-lb impact testing to minus 80 degrees C Macroscopic examination Certified radiographic penetrant magnetic particle ultrasonic and visual examination Weld procedure testing Weld wire certification including welding of test coupons in accordance with filler material specificationsIn-House Commercial Grade Dedication Lab Precision Machining PETERSEN INC. FACILITIES CORPORATE FACILITY 1527 North 2000 West Ogden UT 84404 801 732-2000 Phone 800 410-6789 Toll-Free 801 732-2098 Fax WAREHOUSING FACILITY 222 North 1140 West Ogden UT 84404 801 732-2000 Phone 800 410-6789 Toll-Free 801 337-0673 Fax IDAHO FACILITY 1463 Fortress Pocatello ID 83204 208 235-6046 800 410-6789 Toll-Free 208 237-2589 Fax FACILITY LOCATIONS 21 INDUSTRY AFFILIATES 22 Corporate Offices 1527 North 2000 West Ogden Utah 84404 Phone 801-732-2000 Toll Free 1-800-410-6789 Fax 801-732-2098 Idaho Facility 1463 Fortress Pocatello ID 83204 Phone 208-235-6046 Toll Free 1-800-410-6789 Fax 208-237-2589 Petersen Incorporated